Thursday, May 15, 2014

It’s My Birthday: A Trip Down The Memory Lane

On a day like today (13th May), many… many years ago, a young couple; Kamau and Wanjiru brought to the world a beautiful bouncing baby girl. Their only daughter after a series of 26 (read 2) boys. The little girl was their epitome of joy. They named her Naomi which according to the Holy Bible means; My Joy; Beautiful; Agreeable. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

My Brother Was A Soldier

Its 10:27 AM. I'm on the fifth floor of an office in Westlands. (This is in Kenya; for the sake of my readers from abroad ;) ) I'm staring at my computer. It's my only companion in this huge office today. My other colleagues are not in. They all had excuses not to be at work today. I cooked up an excuse on Wednesday too and went to my boss' office. As I was about to open my mouth, my boss read my mind and with a warm smile said to me, "Oh Naomi, I was about to call you! I suppose the others have told you they won't be coming to work on Friday. And since there has to be someone in the office, it means you have to come."